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a breath of fresh air

Unlock Your Inner Wisdom And Discover How

  Your child lenses influence the way you view your world

  To make sense of your past, so that you can accept who you are in the present

  To challenge conditioned thinking and limiting beliefs

  To transform your life through greater peace, love and understanding

To find authentic happiness, meaning and purpose, you may discover that it has become necessary to question long-held thoughts and beliefs, on what it takes to achieve this. The quest might require you to challenge the status quo, “the existing state of affairs” and then to ask yourself, “But what too, is the existing state of me?”

Finding the answer to this question, means that you will have to brave a quiet journey deep into the self, leading you to an inner wisdom, that you may find challenges your traditional beliefs of who you think you are, what you are doing here on earth, and what you think success is. The inner child’s wisdom helps you to make sense of your past, so that you can accept who you are, in the present. It will lead you to an understanding of how your child lenses have shaped you, and, how they influence the way you view your world.

This book encourages you to see your daily life, past and present experiences, and your relationships, as your helpers, there to teach you what you need to know so that you may live a beautiful life. It will encourage you to travel the road less travelled, the one that leads to your own inner truth, where you will discover the intelligent and ordered creation that you are. May you be inspired by the ideas on these pages, to see yourself as the conscious creator of your own destiny, capable of being a joyful player in the magnificent game of life.

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